Tipp City man, Bellbrook woman secure top places in Flying Pig Marathon

Miami Valley natives outran thousands to secure the top places in the 2024 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.

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Jason Sayler, 33, of Tipp City, won the men’s title with a time of 2:26:01, according to our media partners WCPO-9.

Sayler defended his title as he placed first in the 2023 Flying Pig Marathon with a time of 2:27:10. His record for a marathon is 2:17:19.

“It’s always hard to defend your title, and it was really emotional for me,” Sayler told WCPO-9. “It was a big redemption race for me. I ran at the Olympic trials and I had a DNF, I did not finish. So I questioned myself and I questioned my ability. I struggled over these past 12 months wondering if I still have it. I still have it.”

The top 3 men’s runners include:

  • Jason Sayler — 2:26:01

  • Adam Buecler — 2:26:53

  • Jack Randall — 2:27:34

Olivia Anger, 26, of Bellbrook, won the women’s title in the marathon at 2:43:23.

“I’ve never once ran a marathon that has so much crowd support, so much support from the whole” Anger told WCPO-9. “So just the fans out here in Cincinnati really propelled me forward the whole time and motivated me to keep going despite the heat and the hills.”

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Anger said she was “a bit delirious” as she crossed the finish line because of the heat.

“It felt amazing to the win in front of my friends in Cincinnati,” she said.

The top 3 women’s runners include:

  • Olivia Anger — 2:43:23

  • Brooke Wildermuth — 2:51:41

  • Sydney Hayden — 2:59:32

The Flying Pig Marathon Weekend hosts 10 different races for participants of all ages and abilities.

According to WCPO-9, the weekend saw 39,245 participants and the marathon had 4,994 runners.

For a full list of winners and more information on the Flying Pig Marathon Weekend, click here.