Tigers pitcher takes a 103 mph liner off his head and doesn't even fall down

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There’s nothing amusing about a line drive rocketing off a bat and heading right for a pitcher’s head. We’ve seen some pretty horrible scenes when that happened in the past.

So it’s pretty incredible what happened to Tigers pitcher Jeff Ferrell on Monday night when Ryon Healy of the Oakland Athletics hit a 103 mph liner right back at Ferrell’s head. Ferrell, with almost no time to protect himself, took the ball off the side of his head. If you just listen to the highlight, you can hear how violent the moment sounds.

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The incredible part? Ferrell stayed on his feet the entire time. He has either some fantastic balance or unbelievable fortitude.

Jeff Ferrell took a liner off the side of his head. (MLB.tv)
Jeff Ferrell took a liner off the side of his head. (MLB.tv)

There was no question he was leaving the game, though. Ferrell was swaying around a bit, like a boxer who just took a big punch and is about to fall down. He stayed on his feet, but the Tigers training staff were quick to get on the field and help him back to the clubhouse.

Ferrell was then transported to a local hospital, where early reports were good, according to Anthony Fenech of the Detroit Free Press.

You never like to see a pitcher take a liner to the head, but when he does and he stays on his feet and stays alert, that’s a good sign.

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