Thin-skinned David Tepper stays on brand

The good news, if there is any, is that no drinks were thrown.

Panthers owner David Tepper, who has combined a hot temper with thin skin, stayed true to form on Thursday. Via Alex Zietlow of the Charlotte Observer, Tepper saw a sign outside a Charlotte bar that said: "Please Let The Coach & GM Pick This Year."

So Tepper went inside to ask about the sign.

Matt Wohlfarth, owner of the bar, was gone by the time Tepper arrived.

“It sounded a bit more on the joking side,” Wohlfarth said. “But also a bit mad. Otherwise he would’ve stopped in and had a drink.”

Here’s the security video of the incident. He removes the hat of one of the workers, for reasons that aren't apparent. He can be heard asking about the sign. Within a minute, he's gone.

Wolfarth explained the reason for his decision to send a message that was received.

"It’s just, you gotta stay in your lane," Wohlfarth said. "This is not really an attack on anyone or anything. This is me expressing frustration because, believe it or not, I actually lose more of my income when the Panthers lose than he does."

One word keeps coming to mind when watching the video. Why? Tepper got off with a wrist slap after throwing a drink on fans in Jacksonville. Did he learn nothing from that?

Apparently not. That's what happens when the punishment is basically pocket change.

Still, if Tepper keeps throwing drinks and/or taking people's hats off their heads and/or otherwise failing to resist the temptation to react to any actual or perceived insult, the price will inevitably go up.