Texas Tech safety goofs on media with bingo board of questions (Photo)

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At an event like Big 12 Media Days (or any league’s media days, for that matter), it’s not hard to predict some of the questions you may hear.

There are always certain storylines surrounding teams as preseason camp approaches. Texas Tech junior safety Jah’Shawn Johnson knows them well.

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How well? Well, he prepared a bingo board and let’s just say he would have won if there was a real game of bingo to be played.

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Johnson told USA Today he consulted with teammates and some members of Tech’s sports information department to put the board together. By the afternoon, 12 of 24 squares were crossed out. Before day’s end, almost the entire list had been checked off.

“We got together and came up with a few questions we thought the media would ask us, so I did bingo earlier and I have a bunch that I can mark out now,” Johnson said. “It’s been fun.”

If I have one bone to pick, it’s the square about offseason workouts. The comment about getting better during team lifts always comes from coaches — usually unprompted — during an opening statement. The rest is spot on.

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