Is Terrell Owens getting ready for a return to football in the CFL?

We all know Terrell Owens believes he can still play, even at 44 years old. But no NFL team will give him a shot. So much time has passed since Owens’ last NFL season, he has been voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

But it seems Owens wants to play again, in the CFL.

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In some odd news, Owens triggered his 10-day clause with the Edmonton Eskimos, the CFL team that owns his rights. That news was broken by Justin Dunk of 3 Down Nation and confirmed by TSN.

You wouldn’t assume Owens would go through the trouble if he had absolutely zero desire to play. His agent told TSN he “absolutely” is interested in playing in the CFL.

What does Owens’ request mean?

Unless it’s just a publicity stunt by Owens — obviously we can’t rule that out when it involves Owens — then it’s worth looking at what the news actually means.

Owens was added to the Eskimos’ negotiation list on June 19, 3 Down Nation said. Since Owens triggered the 10-day clause, the Eskimos have to offer him a contract or release his rights by July 14, sources told Dunk.

Maybe Owens or his agent had a reason to trigger the 10-day clause that has nothing to do with him playing football in Canada in his mid-40s. But his agent said Owens wants to check out the CFL possibility.

Owens’ agent says CFL interest is legitimate

Owens’ agent Jason Staroszik told TSN’s Dave Naylor that Owens is serious about the CFL, and one other CFL team wants to sign Owens if he can’t come to terms with the Eskimos.

“Absolutely 100 percent,” Staroszik told TSN. “He still feels like he has some football years left in him. He just loves the game and wants to get back to playing whether it’s the CFL or NFL.”

It certainly would be a remarkable story if it happens.

Could Owens still play?

Owens caused a stir when he ran what was reported as a 4.43-second 40-yard dash this summer. That doesn’t mean he can still play football, but he has always kept himself in great shape.

It’s understandable why Owens isn’t satisfied with the end of his football career. His last season with the Cincinnati Bengals, he had 983 yards and nine touchdowns at 37 years old. Then he couldn’t get another job. He had to feel like he had more to offer. That’s probably why he still insists he can play.

If Owens would return and play in the CFL, it would be a publicity hit for the league. There aren’t many 44-year-old Hall of Famers who want to keep playing. Owens is still one of the most talked-about football players alive — the hullabaloo over him skipping the Hall of Fame’s induction ceremony should stand as proof of that — and he’d move the needle in the CFL. You might hate Owens, but you’d still watch if he staged a comeback.

We knew Owens would be in the news all summer. Nobody thought it would include speculation over a possible CFL comeback, however.

Terrell Owens triggered a 10-day clause with the CFL team that owns his rights. (AP)
Terrell Owens triggered a 10-day clause with the CFL team that owns his rights. (AP)

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