Steve Kerr to make changes to rotation in preparation for playoffs

The Golden State Warriors have won seven of their last ten games. They’ve drastically improved since returning from the All-Star break. Climbing their way into the top-six of the Western Conference suddenly looks like a possibility if they can keep up their current performance level.

However, with the postseason fast approaching, Steve Kerr has admitted that a slight change to the rotation is coming. The veteran head coach plans to shorten his ten-man rotation in the near future as he continues refining his roster to be ready for the postseason. Unfortunately, for some members of the team, that means they could be on the outside looking in.

“It’ll more than likely be 10,” Kerr said. “It’s hard to play 11. I know we’ve been playing 11. But if we’re gonna ramp Trayce’s minutes up, then it’s more likely going to be 10. And we’ll just try to mix and match. We feel like we’ve found some combinations. We’re three quarters of the season, so we’ve got a pretty good sample size…I think we’re in a good spot now where we’re able to put together a starting group…and a second group.”

If the Warriors are aiming to make the conference or NBA Finals, they will likely face a tough path in the postseason. They’ll be one of the lower seeds, which will ensure a difficult opening round. As such, it makes sense that Kerr is preparing his roster now so that they can be ready once the playoffs roll around.

Kerr will likely take a slow approach to shortening his rotation. He will likely also experiment with a few more combinations off the bench before finalizing how the team will look during the postseason. Still, now is the right time to start making those decisions. The playoffs will be here before we know.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire