Stephen Curry's wife Ayesha comes to his defense after apparent snub of young fan

Steph Curry is catching heat for a recent video posted on Twitter. (AP)
Stephen Curry is catching heat for a recent video posted on Twitter. (AP)

A fan recently took in-arena video of a young boy donning a Stephen Curry jersey eagerly waiting by the tunnel for an encounter with who are clearly his favorite athletes.

The video goes on to show images of several Warriors players rewarding his patience by stopping for a photo.

It ends with the boy pleading for an autograph as Curry walks out of the tunnel, apparently looking in his direction and not acknowledging him as the boy yells, “Curry, I love you.”

The boy doesn’t get his autograph.

The fan posted the video on Twitter, along with some salty language, where it has made the rounds.

It’s not a good look.

Steph’s wife Ayesha, evidently sick of being inundated with the video, took to Twitter on Monday to defend him.

This story hits on multiple Curry tropes.

1. Curry gets a little more leeway from fans and media alike when it comes to apparent indiscretions, whether it be tossing his mouthpiece in the direction of an official or making a vulgar squatting gesture on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ court during the NBA Finals.

You may be thinking to yourself that Curry got fined for the mouthpiece, and that the uproar over the squat was right in line with the deed. But now imagine it was Draymond Green. In both instances. Do you think he would have gotten off as easy?

And now, imagine if it was Draymond in this video. There’s been no uproar encompassing the NBA over a young Warriors fan getting snubbed by his favorite player. Would we have heard more about it if the little boy was wearing No. 23 and Green walked right past him?

2. The Currys stick together. Whether it’s Sonya with Dell in the stands at Cameron Indoor Stadium screaming with the crazies while cheering on Seth or Riley making her way to the postgame media podium to join dad at his press conference, the Curry family brand is always strong.

And this is no exception. Ayesha saw the internet attacking her husband and stepped to his defense. And her story sounds plausible.

At first glance, Curry does appear to completely ignore that cute little boy pleading with him to give him a moment of attention.

But the only thing more unbelievable in this story is the thought that Curry, a man of the social media age, would look directly at that boy and the phone right behind him clearly recording video, and just walk on by.

No matter your thoughts on Curry, that just doesn’t add up.

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