Cameron Brink's And Steph Curry's Families Used To Vacation Together

Cameron Brink's And Steph Curry's Families Used To Vacation Together

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Cameron Brink is making her way in the WNBA, as the newest player on the Los Angeles Sparks. And she’s giving a nod to one of her biggest inspirations, and close family friend Steph Curry who has helped her find the magic in her sport.

“Steph has taught me to bring the joy. You always see him smiling. He’s laughing, he’s joking. Life’s just a joy when you’re around him. I learned that it’s a job, yeah, but it’s a privilege to do this for a living,” Cameron said in a podcast interview. “So just bringing light to every space you’re in—I think he’s really taught me that.”

When Cameron was moved up from Stanford to the WNBA, she even thanked Sonya Curry, Steph’s mother, who went to college with Cameron’s mother. Cameron thanked her family and friends in an emotional post-draft interview with ESPN.

"My godmother, Sonya Curry, is over there," she said, gesturing to Sonya, who attended the WNBA draft with Cameron. "Hi, Godmama."

That's right: Sonya, who's mom to NBA superstars Seth and Steph Curry, pulls double-duty as Cameron's godmother.

But what, exactly, is Cameron’s relationship like with the Curry family, and how did they meet? Here’s what you need to know.

Steph and Cameron are god brother and sister.

In 2021, Steph shared during a press conference that Cameron’s mom and dad are his godparents. Meanwhile, his parents, Dell and Sonya, are godparents to Cameron, making he and Cameron godsiblings.

Cameron and Steph's mothers first met and became roommates at Virginia Tech, per The Sun. Additionally, their fathers played on the college's basketball team together, and the families have remained close ever since.

“It’s pretty awesome to watch [Cameron] grow up in the game,” Steph said in 2021. “I just love watching her play, love everything about her. She’ll be playing for a very long time.”

Cameron is also god siblings with Steph’s brother Seth and sister Sydel.

Cameron is also godsiblings to Steph's brother Seth, who also plays for the NBA, and sister Sydel.

Earlier this month, the family came together to congratulate Cameron on declaring for the WNBA draft, with Steph calling it a "huge milestone."

"League her!" he added.

Cameron later told People that Seth made a video for her as well, which meant a lot since "he's the shyest, most soft-spoken person I know."

"But him sending a video—and he looked genuinely excited—made me super happy," she told the publication.

Both brothers supported Cameron on her big night, too. She called Steph right before she attended the draft, and he "was saying all these encouraging words, laughing with me," she told ESPN (via The Mirror).

On the other hand, Seth hung up "immediately" after she called him, Cameron said, laughing.

"I love Seth, that's just how he is," she said. "I love him so much, both of them. They've just been such great sounding boards for me, they mean the world to me and they've been through this so they know what it's like."

They spent family vacations together while growing up.

The Brink and Curry families have remained close ever since the parents met at college, per ESPN. They would go on summer vacations together when they were kids, and Cameron would watch the families play games before her mother eventually convinced her to join the Currys' basketball camp. (She originally was more interested in art camp.)

"It's a blessing to have such an amazing connection," she told The Oregonian in 2018. "[Steph] is like my brother basically, so it's just like seeing a family member you've known forever and someone you would run around with and goof off with, and then all of a sudden you see him on the cover of cereal boxes. It's crazy because he's such a normal person in your life, and thousands and thousands of people look up to him."

She also shared sweet stories of the families growing up together. She said she and the Curry family play more video games than they do basketball together, telling the podcast hosts, “I don’t want to try him in HORSE, because I would just give up. Like I’m competitive, but I’m realistic. He’s gonna whoop my ass.”

And another sweet memory from swimming in the pool with Sydel in North Carolina.

"We were splashing water on him, and he pretended to melt, like the Wicked Witch of the West. He’s such a theater [kid]. He’s very theatrical and silly. He’s just always acting a fool and being silly. He’s just a joy–he’s always so fun to be around.”

They give each other basketball advice.

Cameron has shared that the relationship between the families is a supportive one, especially as she furthers her basketball career. "[The Currys] have all given me tips," she told The Oregonian. "Shooting, ball handling, all of that stuff."

But Cameron has done the same for Steph. When she was just eight years old, she told the basketball legend to "believe in himself" before a big March Madness game, per The Times-Herald.

Steph said he helped Cameron with her shooting when she was young. "She was trying to develop her jumper and I spent a little bit of time with her, gave her some pointers. My dad did as well," he shared, per People.

"In terms of [her] development, you put the work and the time in, every year, you're going to get better," he said at the time. "She's taken advantage of that."

Cameron told People earlier this month that the Currys' continued support "means the world," adding that she'll be using them throughout the her WNBA career.

“They will be a great shoulder to lean on throughout it all,” she said

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