Which Steelers receiver should fantasy managers look to?

When looking at the Pittsburgh offense, Matt Harmon looks to targets as the deciding factor for this fantasy burning question.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: I don't know that I'm going out of my way to draft any Pittsburgh Steelers wide receivers in 2021 because I've got a lot of questions about the offense overall. I'm confident that they're going to be passing the ball less this coming year. Obviously, Ben Roethlisberger's not an easy guy to bet on at this point in his career. So yeah, there's plenty of questions.

But if I'm drafting one of these guys, the burning question for the Steelers offense overall-- it's Diontae Johnson. And it's pretty simple, folks. It's because he's the best player of the three. He got all the targets last year because Ben Roethlisberger thinks he's good. Targets aren't just random. They're not just doled out in any random sort of order.

They go to the player that the quarterback and the team and the offense overall believes is the best guy. That's why Diontae Johnson was an absolute target dominator last year. If he had stayed healthy, he easily would have had a breakout season. I think 2021 can be that year for him.

And if you're coming at me with drop concerns, please. I hope you're bringing that same energy for guys like DK Metcalf, TJ Moore, AJ Brown, he's universally wide beloved wide receivers that also had drop rates around the same level as Diontae Johnson. Guy's a stud. He separates at an elite level.

I think he is still clearly Pittsburgh's best receiver. I think the quarterback clearly believes that to be the case. The team believes it to be the case, so he's the guy I'm drafting in 2021 if I'm taking any of these Steelers guys at all.