Should the Steelers give Mike Tomlin a contract extension?

Lost in all the activity of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2024 offseason is the pending contract extension that could be coming for head coach Mike Tomlin this summer. Tomlin is a polarizing figure among Steelers fans.

In the regular season. Tomlin has been tremendous. His teams have never finished below .500 and in many cases, Tomlin has dragged teams with no business winning that many games. Tomlin has been the Steelers head coach since 2007 and made the playoffs 11 times. Tomlin has led the Steelers to the Super Bowl twice, winning once and has a career 8-10 postseason record.

But for many fans, it’s not about the regular season and it is all about the drought in the playoffs. Pittsburgh hasn’t won a playoff game since 2016 and star defender T.J. Watt is turning 30 this season and has never been on a winning playoff team in his career.

How much longer can the Steelers ride with Tomlin if he cannot turn things around in the playoffs? Cast your vote and tell us if you think Tomlin should get a contract extension this offseason or let his contract play out this season.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire