Snell downplays rumored geographical preference after Giants signing

Snell downplays rumored geographical preference after Giants signing originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

As Blake Snell weighed his options during a lengthy MLB free agency, the city of San Francisco's recently scrutinized reputation didn't factor into his decision to ultimately sign with the Giants.

"I didn't really care where I played, honestly," Snell told reporters Wednesday during his introductory Giants press conference at Scottsdale Stadium. "Once the season starts, you're so locked in to the every day of what you got to do to get ready. That'd be more of a question for my significant other. She's got to live there and figure out the city. I kind of talked to her more about that. San Fran she liked, close to home, close to her loved ones. So there was that.

"But for me, I'm at the field every day, it doesn't matter what city I'm in. I know I got baseball and I'll be there all day anyway. So it was more how are they going to treat me, what's the clubhouse like, how's the fanbase, how's the coaching staff."

With several teams, including the New York Yankees, reportedly showing interest in the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner, Snell had a "strong preference" to play for a club on the West Coast, ESPN's Buster Olney reported last week, adding the Los Angeles Angels were his top choice.

But as potential suitors began to drop out of the Snell sweepstakes, San Francisco arose thanks to the persistence and determination of Giants president of operations Farhan Zaidi.

The city of San Francisco and its appeal to free-agent athletes became a controversial topic in recent months after Buster Posey said he believed the city's reputation with "crime and drugs" could be why it failed to land big-name stars.

However, Snell blocked out the national discourse and explained why San Francisco was the right fit for him and his family.

"I think comfortability," Snell explained. "I know the staff, I know the players really well. I've been in this city a lot. It's close to home. There's a lot. Right now, I'm learning the org, I've heard a lot of good things about the org from other players who have played here that I've played with in Tampa, San Diego or just played against.

"So there was a lot of good I heard. I never really heard anything bad about it. And that intrigued me. And with Farhan's interest and how much I kept hearing his name come up in conversations with Scott, it just pushed me to want to come here."

Snell has found a new home in the Bay with the Giants -- at least temporarily -- and opposed to what some might think, he is happy and comfortable with his decision.

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