Sister Jean responds to Loyola Chicago breaking her bracket

When Sister Jean was teased this week that she’d picked her Loyola Chicago Rambles to bow out in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament, she responded by saying it was a “realistic” pick.

Well, it may have been realistic, but it wasn’t reality. Loyola Chicago busted the 98-year-old nun’s bracket with a thrilling 69-68 win over Nevada in the Sweet 16 on Thursday night.

On their way off the floor, the Loyola Chicago players reminded Sister Jean of what she had done.

“I said I don’t care that you broke my bracket,” Sister Jean said on CBS after the game. “I’m ready for the next one. This is a great feat for us.”

Eleventh-seeded Loyola will play either ninth-seeded Kansas State in Saturday’s Elite Eight matchup, advancing the Cinderella story of a school that hadn’t been to the tournament since 1985.

“It’s great for Loyola University, for Chicago and for the world, because they have respect for little teams that do this well. I don’t put the big teams down but they have certain advantages that we don’t have. It’s just so exciting. I can imagine how campus is now.”

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