'Seven-point cushion will be enough'

Chief football writer Phil McNulty

BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty has been answering your questions on all things Premier League.

Lisa asked: Do you think Aston Villa are running out of steam and will they still qualify for next season's Champions League?

Phil answered: Yes. And Yes.

There is no doubt Villa's players are feeling the strain of a long and demanding season as well as coping with a lot of injuries to key players - as we have seen latterly with goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez - but I do think that seven-point cushion will be enough to keep a struggling Spurs side at bay.

I can't see them turning around a 4-2 deficit away to Olympiakos, although you never know, but I do see them clinching a top-four place and what an achievement that would be for Unai Emery and his players.