Secret life of NFL scouts: Overview of Miami Dolphins' 8 drafted players

Yahoo Sports reporter Pete Thamel spent nearly a year entrenched with the Miami Dolphins’ scouts in preparation for the 2018 draft. Over the next three days, Thamel will report on the draft process in a 10-part series.

Secret life of NFL scouts

Part 1: How the Dolphins’ draft came together
Part 2: How GM, coaches work together in picking players
Part 3: Examining the player and the person
Part 4: What scouts look for at practices
Part 5: ‘We don’t want a team of exceptions’
Part 6: Why ‘workout wonders’ can become draft busts
Part 7: One grunt keeps tabs on all players, schools
Part 8: Memorable ‘Olympic marathon’ debate over Jordy Nelson
Part 9: Why scouts love visiting Nick Saban and Alabama
Part 10: The calm of Miami Dolphins draft night
Breaking down the 8 players Miami drafted

Here’s a breakdown of what the Dolphins saw in their eight draft selections. Each report a scout sends in during the season is condensed to one sentence for the team’s top football executives to see so they can keep a feel for the draft as the season goes one.

They are called “one-liners.” Here’s the scout summary for each Dolphin draft pick: