Seahawks have one of NFL’s worst rest day disadvantages in 2024

Just because all 32 NFL teams play the same amount of games and get one week off at some point doesn’t mean that the schedule is far. In fact, according to this chart from Sharp Football Analysis, the schedule is actually getting more and more inequitable each year. As the NFL emphasizes big market teams and ratings draws like the Chiefs, the schedule gets more skewed and some teams suffer from an unnatural lack of rest compared to their opponents.

The Seahawks are one of the teams who have the most cause to complain. Seattle has a net disadvantage of -13 fewer days of rest compared to the teams they will be playing in 2024.

via Sharp Football Analysis

The good news is that the 49ers have it even worse. Their -21 day difference is the worst in the league this year by far. In between there are the Broncos and Colts, who both have 17 fewer days of rest.

At the other end of the list the team that’s benefitted the most is Baltimore, who are getting an incredible +16 more days of rest than their opponents. The Patriots, Vikings and Eagles are tied for second at +12.

The Chiefs (+5) are still the smart favorite to win the Super Bowl every year, but at some point we expect Lamar Jackson and the Ravens to steal a ring. This will help their chances.

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