Saudi Sports Company Taps TVU for Remote Commentary


TV sports network The Saudi Sports Company (SSC) is partnering with TVU Networks and MEBS, a Saudi-based provider of IP-based live video solutions, to bring live sports commentary  to an international audience in a multitude of languages.

SSC is using cloud-based TVU Networks' Remote Commentator to produce live commentary without the logistical, financial and environmental challenges of travel as well as expanding the pool of available well as expanding the pool of available talent.

"Bringing together the best commentators from across the globe onto one platform, we've been able to enrich the viewing experience with expert insights and a depth of analysis that truly brings the game closer to the fans," said Amill Lone, CEO at SSC.


(Image credit: TVU)

SSC says its partnership with TVU Networks has already “yielded remarkable results,” playing a significant role in expanding the league's global audience by enhancing accessibility through multilanguage commentators.

“Our partnership has been a game-changer,” said Nader Mokhtar, Director of MCR/Broadcast and STB Technology at MBC. “The Remote Commentator solution, surpassing all expectations, delivers close to real-time, perfectly synchronized commentaries with glass-to-glass latency faster than any other solutions, all without extra infrastructure. This efficiency has been key to scaling our operations”.

Highlighting the partnership aspect, Nader Mokhtar praised TVU Networks' commitment to customer support.

"The support from TVU Networks and MEBS has been unparalleled. Their team is essentially an extension of ours, always on hand to ensure our broadcasts run seamlessly, allowing us to focus on our core mission: producing more sports events and continuously raising the bar for the Saudi Sports League and the broader sphere of global sports broadcasting."