Sammy Watkins Takes To Twitter With (Somewhat Justifiable) Frustration

Andrew Kelly

Rams star receiver Sammy Watkins has just one catch in the team’s past two games. The former top five pick was acquired by the Rams late this offseason, he has been aboard for about two months. Aside from week three when Watkins erupted for over 100 yards and touchdowns, Watkins’ chemistry with Jared Goff has been less then stellar. Watkins has a reported history of voicing is concerns, letting loose about a lack of targets in Buffalo a few years ago. However, earlier last week Watkins said that he was not going to let those frustrations grow in LA. In an interview after practice, Watkins highlighted how many playmakers the Rams have and their need to spread the ball around. In that same interview Watkins acknowledged that he would not be able to receive as many targets as Julio Jones or Odell Beckham Jr., but said he would take the newfound success of this team over anything.

An important thing to note from Watkins’ twitter rant is that he frequently reinforced his support of Goff, the Rams young quarterback. In a response to the concerns of my own, Watkins made it clear that he wanted Goff as his guys and sees success coming in the early season.

Another tweet by Watkins is his willingness to accept help from former Rams great Torry Holt (@biggame81), who kicked off Watkins rant. Watkins’ ability to accept criticism and steps from such a talented receiver will likely allow him to take things to a new level. Holt is arguably the best wide receiver in the history of the Rams franchise, so advice from him definitely could not hurt.

At the end of the day it appears as though Watkins just needed to blow off steam after a tough game. Watkins’ actions were not critical of his teammates and he frequently reinforced that he wants to stay in LA. Hopefully Watkins will see a hike in production that encourages him to resign with the team, avoiding free agency this offseason.

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