Russell Wilson is not a fan of the owners' CBA proposal, said he voted against it

NFL players are voting on the owners’ proposed collective-bargaining agreement, and one prominent player has already revealed that he’s not a fan.

Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, came out against the proposal Wednesday morning, posting a tweet that explained his decision.

Wilson is the first prominent, highly paid player to voice his opposition to the proposal. He doesn’t specifically mention what he’s objecting to, but it could be the continued lack of guaranteed contracts in the NFL. All contracts in MLB are guaranteed, as are most contracts in the NBA. The NFL still doesn’t require guaranteed contracts, which can deny players millions of dollars.

Wilson also referred the rushed nature of these negotiations, which has made at least one of the 32 player representatives suspicious.

NFL Players Association president Eric Winston responded to the concerns of Wilson and the anonymous player rep on Wednesday afternoon. Winston doesn’t believe the process has been rushed at all.

It didn’t appear that any changes were made to the NFL’s CBA proposal before the player representatives voted to send the NFL’s CBA proposal to a full membership vote on Tuesday night, and now the NFL players will vote to approve or reject it.

Wilson isn’t usually one to rock the boat with his decisions, so him coming out against it is significant. Now we have to wait and see if anyone else joins him.

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