Roll ‘Bama Roll writer calls Texas’ projected win total ‘laughable’

Projected win totals are out for the 2024 season. With transfer portal chaos coming to a close and rosters more solidified, more college football observers are weighing in on the projections.

Roll ‘Bama Roll writer Erik Evans predicted SEC win totals for the 2024 season. He has a less than favorable view of Texas heading into the year.

“This is laughable … The strength of the team, defensive line, got smacked by NFL defections. It’s already a bad road staff. And, son, you’re not playing TCU and Iowa State anymore. Return to the Alamo Bowl. 8-4. Maybe.”

To be sure, TCU and Iowa State put up a better fight than Alabama did against Texas a season ago, but the Longhorns schedule does get more difficult.

The easiest identifiable difference between the Big 12 and SEC is NFL caliber talent. Kentucky and Texas A&M have that regardless of how many games they win. To a lesser degree, Florida, Mississippi State and Arkansas will have NFL talent, too. Nevertheless, many of the Longhorns scheduled opponents match up poorly with Texas, who faces more of the projected bottom half of the SEC than not.

Will Texas fall to 8-4? Maybe. If it does, it will be because the team fell closer to its floor than its ceiling.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire