Rob Gronkowski on Bucs’ struggles, reunion with Tom Brady: ‘I could definitely help out’

Only four weeks remain in the 2022 NFL regular season, but some Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans still haven’t given up hope that Rob Gronkowski could come out of retirement yet again to reunite with Tom Brady for another potential Super Bowl run.

Gronkowski recently spoke with USA TODAY Sports’ Mackenzie Salmon about making another reunion happen with Brady, and while he’s totally on board with it, it’s not quite the way Bucs fans might have hoped.

While he admits he “could definitely help out” on the field this year, Gronk is more interested in bringing Brady over to his side of things.

“That would be a great team to have him here at Fox,” Gronkowski said. “You know, he’s a commentator, I’m an analyst. We’re going back and forth a little bit to each each other. That would be a lot of fun.”

It’s been reported that Brady already has a lucrative agreement with Fox Sports to join their NFL team after his retirement.

“He’d be talking his football knowledge,” Gronk continued. “He’s got incredible football knowledge, and it’s just gonna be wonderful once he gets to the Fox studio and he’s able to share it. I mean, I’ve been spending so many meetings with him where he can just break down the game of football just like that. And I just feel prepared, ready for the game in just 30 minutes, because I know everyone on the defense and how they’re gonna play, because he can just break it down that easily to myself and to our teammates whenever we’re in a meeting. And so it’s just gonna be great to hear his knowledge, to hear his perspective on the game of football.”

Gronk knows that Brady will have plenty of options after the 2022 season, as his contract with the Bucs expires, but he’s clearly angling for his buddy to join him on the media side of the football world.

“That may be the best option,” Gronkowski said. “He’s definitely, you know, he’s a free agent. He can weigh out every option, whatever team he wants to play for, or if he wants to go in that booth and come join me, and we can be, you know, the tag team champions in the world.”


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Story originally appeared on Buccaneers Wire