Report: President Trump installed golf simulator at White House

President Trump enjoys his golf. (Getty)
President Trump enjoys his golf. (Getty)

President Donald Trump loves his golf. So much so, according to a new Washington Post report, that he’s had a new personal golf simulator installed at the White House. Perks of the office!

Now, if you’re still reading and haven’t yet leaped off to the comments to fire off your hot take about the president and his golf game, good news: we’re going to give you more ammo for your argument, whether or not you’re a supporter of the president. To begin, let’s establish what we’re talking about here: a golf simulator combines a large screen with a fake-grass mat; a golf course is projected onto the screen, and when the player hits the ball into the screen, a computer simulates the ball’s flight based on the player’s initial stroke.

Trump didn’t set up the simulator in the Oval Office; according to the Post, it’s in the White House residence, and Trump hasn’t even played on it yet. The simulator, installed in the last few weeks at a cost of $50,000, replaces an earlier model installed during the Obama administration. As the Post notes, Trump isn’t the first president to bring his preferred hobby to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: Eisenhower installed a putting green; Nixon, a bowling alley; and Obama, a basketball court in addition to the older simulator.

During his pre-presidential days, Trump criticized Obama for playing golf rather than leading the nation, but analyses by the Post and Golf Digest indicate that Trump has played far more golf than Obama, averaging an estimated 70 rounds a year to Obama’s 38.

Trump stayed away from the golf course during the recent government shutdown, but returned to the course with a couple of notables: Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. After that round, Trump tweeted that Woods played very well and should win more majors soon.

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