Report: Ime Udoka to represent Rockets at 2024 NBA draft lottery

Head coach Ime Udoka was the on-stage representative for the Rockets at the 2023 NBA draft lottery, which is when Houston won the final of four lottery selections at the top of the first round.

That pick ultimately went on to become Amen Thompson, who just wrapped up a very successful rookie season with the Rockets.

Perhaps with that in mind, Udoka is again set to represent the Rockets as Sunday’s podium representative at the 2024 lottery, per Kelly Iko of The Athletic. The lottery takes place in Chicago, which is where the 2024 draft combine will occur over the coming days.

So, with Udoka already there to scout potential additions to the roster this offseason, it makes sense for him to be the representative.

Of course, the Rockets had a 52.1% chance of landing a top-four selection in 2023. This year, the odds are below 30%, even when combining both the incoming first-round pick from Brooklyn (No. 9 odds slot) and Houston’s own pick (No. 12 odds slot). That latter pick is top-four-protected and will otherwise go to Oklahoma City.

ABC will televise Sunday’s draft lottery at 2 p.m. Central.

Story originally appeared on Rockets Wire