Report: Ian Rapoport suspended by NFL Network after sharing Manscaped ad on Instagram

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport won’t appear on television for a few weeks. Rapoport was suspended by the network after he reportedly shared a Manscaped ad on Instagram, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

Rapoport confirmed the suspension on Twitter Friday night. Rapoport did not specify why he was suspended, only saying he “posted something to my social channels without clearance from NFL Network, which went against its guidelines.”

Rapoport added he would not appear on the network until Oct. 22. He also apologized for his mistake.

The Manscaped post Rapoport was reportedly suspended over is no longer on Rapoport’s Instagram page, and may have been deleted. Manscaped is known for making male grooming products, and has a partnership with the San Francisco 49ers.

Ian Rapoport suspended until Oct. 22

It’s unclear whether Rapoport will be allowed to tweet during his suspension. Rapoport’s post only mentioned that he would not appear on NFL Network until Oct. 22, but he hasn’t tweeted since announcing his suspension.

If Rapoport is unable to tweet, that could have an impact on fantasy football players. Rapoport and ESPN’s Adam Schefter are among the NFL insiders who send out injury updates every Saturday evening during the football season. Fantasy managers looking to get confirmation on whether a key player is out Sunday may have to wait longer than usual if Rapoport’s suspension extends to Twitter.

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