Report: Bryan Colangelo's job in danger as 76ers plan to wrap up investigation quickly

The most surreal week of Bryan Colangelo‘s life is about to end. And so could his tenure with the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers are expected to finish their investigation into Colangelo’s alleged use of five Twitter accounts to disparage past colleagues and players in the next few days, according to a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Per the Inquirer, multiple sources expect the investigation will result in Colangelo losing his job as the team’s president of basketball operations.

Where Bryan Colangelo stands with the 76ers

There must have been one heck of scene in Los Angeles when The Ringer’s story on Colangelo broke. According to The Ringer, Colangelo was “visibly shaken” when told while at a pre-draft workout in Los Angeles. Since the Sixers announced their investigation, Colangelo has not been present for multiple other workouts in LA.

As for the investigation, there seems to be only one condition in which Colangelo keeps his job: clear evidence that someone else, not a family member, is responsible for the accounts. From the Inquirer:

“The only way that he’ll get out of it is if he comes with evidence that somebody set him up,” said a league executive, speaking on condition of anonymity. “If it is out there where they can’t prove either way, I don’t think he’ll keep his job. And if there’s involvement with a family member, it doesn’t look like he has a chance either.”

What we know about Bryan Colangelo and Twitter

Colangelo’s situation has already morphed into one of the biggest — and weirdest — stories in sports. The bones of the story: five Twitter accounts have tweeted, followed accounts and liked tweets with a pattern that suspiciously aligns with Colangelo’s history and interests and there are some very strong reasons to believe that the accounts are run by Colangelo himself.

While being exposed running burner accounts can be embarrassing and inconvenient, what’s more worrying is that the accounts seem to reveal highly personal and confidential information about the Sixers, like Jahlil Okafor failing a physical that voided a trade.

Five Twitter accounts could cost Bryan Colangelo his job with the Sixers. (AP Photo)
Five Twitter accounts could cost Bryan Colangelo his job with the Sixers. (AP Photo)

Numerous theories have emerged regarding the accounts, most notably that Colangelo’s wife might actually be the one responsible for the accounts. Colangelo has already admitted to running one of the burner accounts, but has denied running any of the others. While many details are still shrouded in mystery, what is abundantly clear is that jokes about this saga will follow Colangelo for the rest of his career.

You can read our round-up of everything related to the case of Brian Colangelo and the burner accounts here.

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