Real Housewves of Bevery Hills' Sutton Stracke talks Lisa Rinna feud and more Season 12 drama

Sutton Stracke is in the eye of the storm on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" this season. Gibson Johns interviews the "RHOBH" cast member about all things Season 12, including her ongoing feud with Lisa Rinna, what she expected out of Erika Jayne going onto filming and admitting her reaction to Dorit Kemsley's robbery was "completely insensitive." They also discuss her dating life, the rumors around Kathy Hilton and her friendship with Kyle Richards.

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GIBSON JOHNS: Hi, guys. Welcome back to "We Should Talk," a pop culture interview series from "In The Know." I'm your host, Gibson Johns. And this week on the podcast we have Sutton Stracke from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Beverly Hills is back. I am so excited. They took a very short break from filming after that reunion, but they just jumped right back into it. And you can tell, from that premiere you could tell. And I'm so glad they're back.

And Sutton is a really interesting interview because she chooses her words so carefully. And so much more so than other interviews that I've done. I noticed this was the last season the first time I interviewed her and it's the same this time. She kind of goes at a slower pace when she answers questions and interview settings, which I really appreciate. But it also leaves some interpretation there I think. And pick up on some of that light southern shade that she's such an expert in.

And yeah, I mean we got into the Lisa Rinna Oscar party back and forth that's been happening. And also Rinna's claim that Sutton should thank her for getting her on the show. And Sutton said that she had thanked Rinna for that. And she also thanked her again in this interview. And so she clearly has no qualms about that. And that's just kind of-- it was really interesting what she had to say.

We also talked about her friendship with Kyle, the Erika of it all, and sort of what she expects from her this season. And a variety of different topics that are around this season. And there's a lot of interesting story lines kind of brewing for Beverly Hills this season. And I'm really excited to get into it. And yeah, again, I'm just so excited that they're back.

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All right. So we're here with Sutton Stracke from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." The new season is upon us. Sutton, how are you?

SUTTON STRACKE: I'm great, Gibson. How are you?

GIBSON JOHNS: I'm good. I'm good. And I'm curious for you, it kind of feels like the last season just finished and now we're already-- and you guys didn't wait that long to start filming again. Do you feel like you ever got to take a breather or do you feel like you're just like have been go, go, go for the past year or so?

SUTTON STRACKE: No. No, I don't feel like I've taken a break. In fact, my voice is giving out on me. No, it's been like-- ch, ch, ch, ch, ch-- we went really fast. I think because of COVID we had to move things along.


SUTTON STRACKE: Just you never know what's going to happen these days.

GIBSON JOHNS: And I feel like you guys also-- I mean, last season was a doozy and tough for a lot of people, but it was also a banner season for the show. I think it took it-- I mean, like the talk around it hadn't been that the mainstream in that kind of way in a really long time. So I feel like you guys just hit the ground running again, which was smart.

SUTTON STRACKE: Yeah. I mean, we didn't have a lot of-- well, no it's very smart of them because we didn't have a lot of time to recuperate after the reunion. So I think going into filming we were sort of like still having reunion feelings.

GIBSON JOHNS: Fatigue, right. And feelings, right. So I'm curious for you because Andy said in a recent Hollywood Reporter interview that he did that Beverly Hills just sort of emerged as the new crown jewel of Bravo because it really it's the highest rated "Housewives" now. Again, it kind of gets talked about in the mainstream more so than any other franchise at this point. Do you feel that as somebody who's so in it now, who's so fully in the realm of "Beverly Hills Housewives" that you're kind of like the eye of the storm in so many ways?

SUTTON STRACKE: Well, first of all, I like tiaras. So crown jewel seems to be something that I would want to be involved with.

GIBSON JOHNS: That tracks.

SUTTON STRACKE: Yes. So I like that he said that. I don't know. I think we just have an interesting group of women and a very strong group of women. So when you get that dynamic going it creates an interesting environment.

GIBSON JOHNS: It sure it sure does. And I think that you guys have really-- this group of women that you guys have right now, you're fun to watch and it's kind of expect the unexpected kind of situation I think for the past couple of seasons.

SUTTON STRACKE: For sure. For sure. For sure.

GIBSON JOHNS: So Sutton, there is something going on right now that you are involved with, with Lisa Rinna about this whole Oscars party situation. It's on the show. It's on the premiere as well. But it also feels like it's sort of parallel pathing playing out in real life right now. It's obviously kind of a she said she said she said kind of situation right now. With Rinna's recent post, I'm just curious where you are right now mentally with what's happening.

SUTTON STRACKE: Well I mean, I think we saw this same post last year in September. So we get to see this unfold. Lisa has a lot of feelings about this and we have to address them. And we do it on the show.

GIBSON JOHNS: And do you-- a question for you, I guess, is like it feels like something that there should be like a receipt for or like some proof on her side maybe for it. Is that going to emerge at all?

SUTTON STRACKE: Oh gosh. Well, you just never know what she's going to pull out of her hat. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

GIBSON JOHNS: I'm picking up she's way more concerned with it than you are kind of.

SUTTON STRACKE: Well, I think as I said on "Watch What Happens Live," this could be a miscommunication issue. So it rolls out on camera. And I think just this week when she did that I was doing my own cashmere launch in my store. And I'm very busy with that and with work and I have men's stuff coming out in June.

So yeah, it's very exciting. And we did cashmere tees as well for men that are out. So I'm just busy. And I'm not the person that's attached to their phone all the time unless it's like for Bumble purposes or something like that. But other than that, that's about it. My children text me. I'm don't follow a lot of stuff.

GIBSON JOHNS: So you're kind of a little bit-- it seems like you're pretty unbothered with it, which I think is kind of a good approach to it all. And my last question about this is just in her sort of rebuttal, I would say, she kind of took a shot at you in terms of like saying that you really wanted to get on the show. And she did all these favors for casting to get you on the show. How do you respond to that line of claims that she had?

SUTTON STRACKE: I can only say that I was very reluctant to do this show because I didn't know what I was getting into. So I was more reluctant than anything. But Lisa did-- I decided to do it, you go through the interview process. And the last thing that you do is you film an all day thing. And she did film with me. She came to dinner. Jennifer Tilly also came to that dinner. And a few other people came.

And they are all giving their time to do this. And we're all kind of learning. But Lisa was very kind to do that. And of course I thanked her for taking the time out to do that. And I'll thank her now. Thank you for taking the time out to do that for me. Very nice.

And then she had to do some kind of-- she did other things. And it was very nice. And I guess that's part of the process when you are like a friend of someone. I've never done that. So I don't quite know. And any time that you take time out of your schedule to help someone. Yeah, I mean thank you.

GIBSON JOHNS: I heard that's what she was looking for. So we got it. Well, it seems like this season, Sutton, I mean in the premiere one of the things that you mentioned is that you're dating for the first time, really, in your life in a really long time. Yeah.

SUTTON STRACKE: I know. Because I got married in my 20s. And I dated my husband before that. And then I was married for a long time. And then it took me a while. Kind of like it took me a while to decide to do this show. It took me a while to decide I was going to date. And so yeah, here I am. And you know I dated someone for a few years and that didn't work out.

And then I was like oh, I can't date again. This is just too much. And it's so much work.

GIBSON JOHNS: It is. It really is.


If you're on an app like Bumble. It's like oh, it's a slog sometimes, right?

SUTTON STRACKE: I know. Where are my friends? Why aren't they setting me up? You know why? Because my friends, I'm 50. I turn 50 in September and they're all married. And all their friends are married.

GIBSON JOHNS: So there's not enough single people in your circles. Right.

SUTTON STRACKE: Kathy Hilton told me I needed to date somebody. I was going to have to date somebody that was 70. And I said I cannot do that.

GIBSON JOHNS: So are you looking to go younger or more around your age?

SUTTON STRACKE: I have a five over under.

GIBSON JOHNS: OK. OK, that's good to know.

SUTTON STRACKE: So yeah. So that's like my thing. But no, it's just exhausting.

GIBSON JOHNS: So did you film any dates for this upcoming season that we might see?

SUTTON STRACKE: Well, I don't want to give it away.

GIBSON JOHNS: I'm guessing that that's a yes. Well, that's exciting. I mean it's exciting.

SUTTON STRACKE: Well, I'm living my life.

GIBSON JOHNS: It's a new part of your life.

SUTTON STRACKE: Well, I'm living my life and so we're filming a reality show. So in reality, I'm dating.

GIBSON JOHNS: Anything promising or is it still sort of square one?

SUTTON STRACKE: Right now we're square one.

GIBSON JOHNS: It's not a bad place to be. We're coming up on the summer, Sutton. It's going to be a hot girl summer for you, I think. You can play the field.

SUTTON STRACKE: Is it? Oh my God. I don't know. I am not that person. I don't know what to do with that.


SUTTON STRACKE: I would like to find someone nice that's normal, but then they probably don't think I'm normal because I'm on a reality show now.

GIBSON JOHNS: That does change things, doesn't it? Yeah.

SUTTON STRACKE: Yeah. I mean, don't Google Me. I don't Google Me. I would be scared to see what would happen if I googled myself. I would probably be terrified.

GIBSON JOHNS: And you say the premiere that you aren't looking necessarily for somebody with money, because you have enough money for yourself. And it's just more about me it's more about the personality and the connection, right?

SUTTON STRACKE: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, if you can make me laugh that's worth more money than gold. Yeah, but I don't need-- I'm not looking for a "rich man."


SUTTON STRACKE: You know, I don't need anyone to take care of me financially, which is so nice. I don't want to take care of anyone financially. That's kind of a thing. I just want someone that's down to Earth that likes to laugh, likes some country music, and can put up with me.


SUTTON STRACKE: And likes dogs.

GIBSON JOHNS: Must love dogs. That's what I say. Tell me this, who of your co-stars would you trust the most with setting you up with somebody?

SUTTON STRACKE: Kyle. Garcelle. Well, Crystal was going to set me up with a neighbor. She texted me. Crystal texted me and said, that a house-- she said honey, she was like a house just sold in my neighborhood. I'm going to go check him out. I was like, oh my God. All right.

I can't believe she didn't ask me to go do it with her, because I love a good stalking event.

GIBSON JOHNS: Right. Well, she could take some pictures for you.

SUTTON STRACKE: She didn't take any. So she did, she went over and did it. And she stalked. And she was like--

GIBSON JOHNS: It's a no go.

SUTTON STRACKE: Nope. Yeah, she was like no. No.

GIBSON JOHNS: Well, she tried.

SUTTON STRACKE: He does not meet the requirements.

GIBSON JOHNS: But it sounds like she has her eyes open, her ears peeled.


GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, exactly.

SUTTON STRACKE: I appreciated that. I appreciated that because if he had met the requirements I would have come over and maybe I don't know baked him a pie.

GIBSON JOHNS: We're old school. We love it.

SUTTON STRACKE: And said, welcome to the neighborhood. I used to live around the corner. And this is Crystal, she's in the neighborhood.

GIBSON JOHNS: Are you single, right? Exactly.

SUTTON STRACKE: No, I wouldn't have said that, just given him a pie. That's how they do it in the Andy Griffith days. And then you get invited in.

GIBSON JOHNS: OK. All right. Well, I'm excited to see how that plays out.


GIBSON JOHNS: You mentioned Kyle, as somebody who would do a trust. And I really am sort of-- I love your friendship with Kyle. It seems like you guys-- you rented her house. You guys seem pretty close. I mean, you feel like a good amount of scenes together and you kind of see eye to eye on a lot of things. But at the same time, you're both not really afraid to call each other out on like little things that you disagree with. And I think that that's really important. It's not just like yes, yes, yes, yes to each other. Can you just speak to your friendship with Kyle, because I think it is-- it's kind of low key one of my favorite friendships on the show right now.

SUTTON STRACKE: Thank you. You know it's so interesting because Kyle and I have a very close relationship. And we talk a lot. And I keep saying we've become like sisters. And so we can fight a little bit like sisters. She'll bite. She'll bite or maybe I'll bite. But then we're fine. Like it takes two seconds then I'm over or she's over it and we don't care. But we love each other for real. It's kind of fun. But we both kind of get on each other's nerves sometimes.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, totally. And it seems like I mean, within the context of the show that like some of the other women-- because she's close to women that you can sometimes spar with on camera, it complicates it a little bit. But again, she isn't afraid to call you on an opinion that she disagrees with and vise versa. You aren't afraid to say your true opinions about some of her closer friends.

SUTTON STRACKE: Oh, no. I'm never going to hold back an opinion. That's not going to happen.

GIBSON JOHNS: No, it's not. I wouldn't expect it. But I just think it's nice that you can maintain a close relationship despite some of that.

SUTTON STRACKE: Yeah. I mean, we were just at Stagecoach together and had a great weekend. And Mauricio is just hilarious and so fun to hang out with. And she had some other friends there too. And they're great people. And you can always judge people by their company that they keep.

GIBSON JOHNS: I agree with that.

SUTTON STRACKE: I went to her birthday party. And just beautiful people around her. And I admire that. I really-- like I want her to come to, I guess, so she can see my friends that I've known since I was little, because I think she would probably feel the same way.

GIBSON JOHNS: Wait, tell me about hanging out with Maren Morris at Stagecoach by the way. Because I love her. I just listened to her on a podcast where she was talking about "Beverly Hills Housewives" and then it was like the timing was perfect.

SUTTON STRACKE: You know that I love her. And she interviewed me on the Jimmy Kimmel show last year.

GIBSON JOHNS: Right, I forgot about that. Yes.

SUTTON STRACKE: And you know I'm a huge country music fan. I may have been my whole life.


SUTTON STRACKE: Well, my dad's from Texas. So I don't have a choice. I didn't have a choice growing up. My dad wanted me to learn how to sing like Patsy Cline. So you know I've been listening to Willie Nelson since I was a baby, who I'm also obsessed with. Who is also on the show that night. And I thought he was going to be in person and I was dying.

GIBSON JOHNS: Was he virtual?

SUTTON STRACKE: He was virtual.

GIBSON JOHNS: I'm sorry.

SUTTON STRACKE: No, I was like because I don't know. I would have fainted.

GIBSON JOHNS: Right. Sometimes it's like a don't meet your heroes kind of thing. It's hard to face that.

SUTTON STRACKE: I've seen him many, many times but I've never met him. I don't know. But she's just the sweetest. And you can tell she's a very gentle spirit and means what she says. And I like people like that and so does Kyle. And I think that's why last year-- I understand Kyle more and more the things that she says to me.

People think that Kyle is trying to get me to say something or do something last year. She wasn't. And I always said, no, that's not what it was. She wants me to really be that core, what she knows that I mean. She wants me to really get in there and say it. And I appreciate that about her.

GIBSON JOHNS: Definitely. So let me ask you about this. From the premiere you come over to her Bel Air house. And it's the day that Dorit's house was broken into overnight. And at least has it comes across in the show and kind of as Kyle responds to you, it doesn't seem like you express that much sympathy for what happened. And that's sort of what Kyle asks you about. And I'm curious if you can speak to that moment and sort of why maybe you didn't show as much outward the sympathy that I guess would have been expected in that moment? And Kyle reacted to that, so I'm curious what you thought about what was going through your mind at that moment.

SUTTON STRACKE: Yeah. I think the whole thinking about what was in that moment, it was a weird day. And it felt weird. And I had a lot going on. And so when I got to Kyle's house, I was not thinking. And I was not understanding truly the severity of what had happened to Dorit.

And so I was completely insensitive. It's something that I feel really badly about. It's not like me at all. I'm not-- I'm the person people call for anything. And it just wasn't in my brain. And I think as the show unfolds, you'll see more and more the explanation and also how I have to explain this to Dorit. And it wasn't a good moment for me. And humility it's not very fun. And it's also a very quiet thing to do. And we don't have a lot of quiet moments in that group.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah and I think--

SUTTON STRACKE: So it's hard.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah. And I think humility is not easy and it's not fun, but it's admirable. And I think that if you have a moment, especially on camera like you have to have in this job of yours--

SUTTON STRACKE: Well, it's hard to capture.


SUTTON STRACKE: It's hard to capture that. And you know I hated that I behaved in that way. I hated that.

GIBSON JOHNS: Well, I think it's great that you recognize that and you're going to try to make it right. And I think that that's--



SUTTON STRACKE: Isn't this what we do? Exactly. You have to admit. And you know this is what we teach our children. We do things that are wrong a lot of times. And if they're wrong and you acknowledge in your heart that it was wrong, that's the most important thing.

GIBSON JOHNS: Right. I agree. Yeah.

SUTTON STRACKE: But then you have to tell that person you know, "I'm really sorry. What I did was wrong." That's all you can do.

GIBSON JOHNS: I agree. And you have to mean it, but when you-- I agree.

SUTTON STRACKE: Yeah, you got to go in there.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, exactly.

SUTTON STRACKE: I'm not going to apologize unless I really feel like I was wrong.

GIBSON JOHNS: And I sensed that. And I think we've learned that from you. It's like you're not going to apologize because just because somebody thinks you should, you're going to apologize because you think you should.

SUTTON STRACKE: If I don't think I'm wrong, you're not going to get an I'm sorry.


SUTTON STRACKE: It's not going to happen.


SUTTON STRACKE: I am not sorry for a lot of things from last year. And I do not apologize.

GIBSON JOHNS: Right. So I mean, that's a kind of good segue way to a question that I had for you is because obviously last year was largely centered around Erika. And it was largely you were the one that were asking the questions. And the reunion we saw different answers to different questions from her and what have you.

But I'm curious, again, as the person who was willing to go there last year the most, did you expect anything? Like what did you expect from Erika this season? Did you expect any changes from her and how she was talking about anything or expressing sympathy? What did you expect from her?

SUTTON STRACKE: I kind of came into it feeling very indifferent about Erika after the reunion, especially because she was very hurtful. And so I got on protection mode. I was in armored gear around her and blinders because I didn't care.

GIBSON JOHNS: And so this season, can we expect more of the same from her in terms of-- I mean, the trailer we see her say, "I only care about me." And she doesn't really-- she tells Crystal that sympathizing with the victims is just the cool thing to do right now. Is it going to be more of the same from Erika?

SUTTON STRACKE: We're going have to wait and see.

GIBSON JOHNS: Let me ask you this, is it tough? It must be tough as a co-star of hers these past few seasons getting asked about it a lot, but having to sort of tiptoe around it and choose your words really carefully?

SUTTON STRACKE: I don't care. Until I see a change, I do not care. I've said what I needed to say.


SUTTON STRACKE: I think everybody knows my position. I mean, I think the world now knows my position. I've said everything that I needed to say about Erika and to Erika. And I'm not going to change my position.

GIBSON JOHNS: I don't think-- I'm not expecting you to. Yeah, it's interesting if the change had come from her and maybe if that could--

SUTTON STRACKE: We'll have to see.



GIBSON JOHNS: OK. The trailer also, I'm curious, I don't really know who Garcelle is talking about when she says this. But she says that you should watch your back about your new friend. What are the--

SUTTON STRACKE: Garcelle. Listen, Garcelle is going to-- Garcelle and I, we make sure that we're OK because this stuff group-- and so she's going to warn me.


SUTTON STRACKE: I know what it's about.

GIBSON JOHNS: About someone. And then the last-- I think we're running out of time, but the last question that I have for you, Sutton, is there is a lot of intrigue this season around what happens with Kathy. And you dispel that she said anything about your assistant or what have you.

SUTTON STRACKE: Yeah, she never did.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, but I guess like it's really hard to tell like what any sort of lead up is to whatever happens. And I don't really know what happens. There's so many rumors around. I guess like what can you say to that or where are you now mentally with whatever happens or wherever Kathy stands with this group?

SUTTON STRACKE: Well, I think we don't see Kathy for a lot into the season. So we just have to wait and watch it.

GIBSON JOHNS: OK. That's all we're going to get. Well, Sutton, I always appreciate your time. And I do have to say, when I interview you, you're so thoughtful with your answers. And I really appreciate that. And it's fun to pick your brain about this stuff.

SUTTON STRACKE: It's fun to pick my brain. And let me tell you what--

GIBSON JOHNS: And I'm excited to see the dating this spring and summer. I'm putting out good vibes for you, I really am.

SUTTON STRACKE: Yes, yes, yes. Let's put out good vibes. I just did that. I just actually was manifesting something.


SUTTON STRACKE: I was manifesting something. It's going to happen.

GIBSON JOHNS: I believe in that. Well, Sutton, thank you so much. Everyone tune in to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" on Wednesdays on Bravo.

SUTTON STRACKE: Yes. It's going to be a great season. I mean, it really is.

GIBSON JOHNS: It looks like it.

SUTTON STRACKE: It's going to be like-- I don't even know. I can't wait.

GIBSON JOHNS: I'm telling to, Andy's wife-- like you said, you liked tiaras and you guys are the crown jewel right now. So that's a good place to be.

SUTTON STRACKE: Excellent. Excellent.

GIBSON JOHNS: All right. Thank you, Sutton, so much.

SUTTON STRACKE: Thank you. Have a good weekend.

GIBSON JOHNS: Bye. You too.


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