Readers pick most annoying sports figure. Aaron Rodgers, LeBron James or Steve Spurrier? | Adams

I hope you have enjoyed my surveys of literary contributors as much as I have.

First, I asked them who was their most annoying SEC football coach. Then, I asked them to name their most annoying college football announcer.

These survey questions have gone so well I thought about polling my readers on their most annoying sports columnist.

Just kidding. Since my job is probably hanging by a thread, I don’t need any negative feedback, even if it’s from the lunatic fringe of the general populace.

Instead, I asked my fellow sports critics to name their most annoying sports figures. Here’s what I got.

Marie writes: There are quite a few athletes who are annoying but I have to give my vote to Aaron Rogers. He’s a self-satisfied wannabe millionaire bohemian who, when answering any questions, either (1) mono syllables his answer after a long, bored stare or (2) launches into an off-the-wall crazy tangent (for example listen to Pat McCafee’s interview on the dark retreat he entered for a week and discussing going to the bathroom in complete darkness.

What’s with that? He’s a fun QB to watch but the Jets could make him crazier. I mean he was off center (no pun intended) in Wisconsin. New York could be a whole new ball game. Literally.

My response: It’s as though he’s trying way too hard to prove he’s not just some dumb jock but is, in fact, a deep thinker as well as a risk taker (Going to the bathroom in the dark?)

That said, he’s one of my all-time favorite quarterbacks.

I also love Tom Cruise movies even though his beliefs indicate he’s a total nut job.

Kevin writes: LeBron James is the most annoying s sports figure. As UFC fighter Colby Covington stated: “I see all the hypocrisy from Lebron. He claims to be about social justice but he won’t say, ‘Free Hong Kong!’ He won’t talk about all the women that he’s profiting off of in the Chinese sweatshops that are making all of his shoes for dollars that he’s coming over to America and selling them for hundreds and profiting millions off of here in America.

“That guy is not on a pedestal. He’s just a piece of garbage.”

My response: Former NBA No. 1 pick Kwame Brown, now regarded as one of the league’s biggest busts, also isn’t in the LeBron fan club.

He recorded a video for social media after the Lakers lost in four consecutive games to the Denver Nuggets in which he ripped James for not getting off a shot in the final seconds.

“I have never seen a guy of your caliber, supposed caliber, you don’t even get a shot off?” Brown said. “You’re probably the best scorer in the game, you got all these points. But you were looking for a bailout, again.

“You can’t say that you’re great. You gotta do great things. That’s where greatness lies.”

My guess is Brown must have bet on the Lakers.

Chris writes: I would have to say John Calipari. Yes again, a big part of it is because I am a UT fan. However, I actually liked him as a coach until he got to UK. I can’t stand it when coaches treat everyone like idiots and like they are the only ones that know anything about the sport they coach.

The sarcasm, the excuses, the complaining, it’s just old and basically makes me want to throw up.

My response: Kentucky’s recent failures in the NCAA Tournament also are causing severe stomach problems for the Big Blue fan base.

Darryl writes: My Lakers just got swept and I started venting. Here is a family friendly reply.

Lebron James annoys me immensely. For someone that has made it, and has it all, he whines way too much.

James declares himself “The Goat”. It don’t work that way. All players past and present, sports media and all fans decide who The Greatest Of all Time are. James showed this week that he can’t carry a team when he’s old.

James has been barking way too long. Go ahead and retire as a Top 10 cause James ain’t in the top 5 All-Time NBA if you include the postseason.

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My response: Maybe, James would feel better about things if he went to a retreat with Aaron Rodgers.

Mike writes: Most annoying? Mark Gastineau.

The original "Mr. Showboat," "Look-at-Me-I-Did-That."

Undoubtedly, Gastineau changed the behavior of athletes at all levels, but in my opinion, the behavioral changes have become entrenched as a detrimental part of sport and coarsening of society.

My response: Nonetheless, I think New York Jets fans fondly remember Gastineau’s dances as part of the New York Sack Exchange in the early 1980s. The Jets haven’t had a winning season since 2015 and haven’t returned to the Super Bowl since quarterback Joe Namath made good on his victory guarantee in the third Super Bowl.

Mike writes: Steve Spurrier is the most annoying person in the entire history of sports. His negative comments about opposing teams, his pompous attitude and his disgusting voice made my blood boil every time he appeared on TV.

He showed how little class he has by walking out on his South Carolina football team in the middle of the season.

My response: He wasn’t a good loser, which is probably one of the reasons he won so much.

Tom writes: Annoying sports figures? LIV golfers who claim unselfish motives to "grow the game of golf." Harold Varner III, an unapologetic capitalist golfer who also joined the LIV, cuts through their self-justification incisively in an interview with the Washington Post: “They’re full of (bleep); they’re growing their pockets." he said.

My response: Although the LIV-PGA debate is of little interest to me, I respect Tom’s opinion since he’s an accomplished golfer.

But don’t take my word for it. Check with Tellico Village’s over-65 golfers. Any championship in that group goes through Tom.

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