Ravens pass game coordinator and secondary coach Chris Hewitt praises instincts of S Kyle Hamilton

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The Baltimore Ravens had a great 2022 draft that saw them select 11 total players, including multiple that can start immediately on all three sides of the ball. The class as a whole has a massive amount of potential, and each has the chance to impact the game in a big way.

Baltimore ended up selecting Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton with their first selection of the draft at No. 14 overall. When asked about if Hamilton’s smarts will help him pick up the defense easier, Ravens’ pass game coordinator and secondary coach Chris Hewitt praised the rookie’s instincts, calling him “the total package”.

“It doesn’t always translate, but in Kyle’s [Hamilton] sake it does. Notre Dame guy, [he] does have that pedigree. He was raised by a good family and all of those things, and he’s done a phenomenal job. He’s extremely instinctive, has ‘go-go gadget’ arms, he’s six-foot-four, agile. He’s the total package. We’re very, very happy with him.”