Ravens HC John Harbaugh provides update on RB J.K. Dobbins following surgery

The Baltimore Ravens saw the return of running back J.K. Dobbins in Week 3 of the 2022 season following his ACL tear that cost him all of 2021. He was picking up steam as he worked his way back into the lineup, but recently opted for another surgery on his knee that landed him back on injured reserve.

Following the surgery, head coach John Harbaugh gave an update on Dobbins and hinted at a timeline for the running back to return to action. Harbaugh said the surgery was a “smashing success”, saying he’s excited for the third-year back to be running around in three-to-four weeks.

“Very good question. I would characterize J.K. [Dobbins]’ surgery as a smashing success as far as you can tell right now. So, he came out of it; he has no additional scar tissue since he has come out of there. That was a key thing in the first couple days; does scar tissue start to accumulate? It did not. They got almost all of it out, and it was significant. When they went in – [Dr.] Leigh Ann Curl did the surgery and she told me when she went in there, the MRI didn’t tell the whole story. You like to think it does, [but] until you go in there you really don’t know what you have. The MRI didn’t see all the scar tissue that was in there, so what he was dealing with was very significant. For him to get that freed up, I can’t wait until he’s out here running around in three or four weeks. So, yes, success.”

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire