Ravens CB Kyu Blu Kelly is thankful that Baltimore took a chance on him

The Baltimore Ravens drafted Kyu Blu Kelly in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL draft. Cornerback was one of the positions of need of the Ravens, and adding Kelly will help their depth at the position moving forward.

The Baltimore front office had a really good draft over the weekend, and it seems like they took the best player available in Blu Kelly while also filling a need. When it was mentioned that he was the first player from Stanford drafted by the Ravens in franchise history, Kelly was very shocked but also very appreciative.

“Oh, wow, that’s crazy. Just being a Raven in general, I feel like I just have to bring it – bring everything I have to this whatever position they need me at, wherever they want me at. [I will] just give it my all and just be so thankful. I’m really thankful to [head coach John] Harbaugh. I’m really thankful to the Ravens for taking a chance on me and [I’m] making sure there’s no regrets with that – making sure they got the right guy. I believe that, and I’m going to make them believe that to.”

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire