Ravens CB Kyu Blu Kelly discusses strong performance at Senior Bowl

Baltimore Ravens fifth-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Kyu Blu Kelly, had a lot to prove during the Senior Bowl.  He was worried that teams felt like he didn’t make enough plays to prove himself during the last two seasons, which could’ve hurt his draft stock.

Kelly was asked in more depth about his strong senior bowl and what was he looking to prove over the course of his few days in Mobile. He said that he thinks he proved himself, and mentioned that he’s putting his best foot forward and competing every step of the way.

“[I proved] definitely that I still have it. I feel like my last season – my senior season compared to my junior season – I had in total in man-to-man, I think, about 25 targets in the whole entire season, so not a lot of opportunity to show myself, not a lot of opportunity to go out there and make plays. I just knew at the Senior Bowl, I have to turn it up here because people are like, ‘OK, he had a good junior year. His senior year was so-so. Is he still that same player?’ And I think I proved that day in and day out. I’m just making sure I’m competing and putting my best effort forward.”

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire