Racing driver Will Power gets ready for the IndyCar Series

<div>Will Power</div>
Will Power

MILWAUKEE - The IndyCar Series is heating up as it inches closer to a pair of Wisconsin trips.

"I definitely know I'm one of the old guys, but, you know, I'm in my 20th year. Still. Still putting runs on the board. Still as fast as ever. Still working as hard as ever and still determined as ever," said IndyCar Series racing driver Will Power.

Will Power is a member of the old guard of the IndyCar Series, but he says he is still as sharp as ever.

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"Mentally. Now I am a lot, a lot better, a lot better at dealing with the whole process of a very high-end sport like IndyCar. Just. Yeah, mentally I'm really on top of it," added Power.

He will have to be on top of his game as the Indy 500 rolls around.

"The Indy 500 means a lot to really everyone in the series. It's got so much, it's got such a long history and it's so difficult to win, and it's such a large event. So it's our Super Bowl. And if you can win it, then you really don't have to do anything for the rest of the year," said Power.

Power knows from experience. He is a two-time IndyCar Series champion, and he took the checkered flag at the 500 in 2018.

"The Indy 500 is in some ways bigger than our championship. I mean, it is the championship is really the best driver wins the Indy 500. It's a one-off, and anyone can win it," said Power.

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Just a few weeks after the brickyard, the series will return to Wisconsin and Road America.

"Road america is another place that has a lot of indycar history, and it's one of the nicest road courses we go to. People can camp there, really good camping grounds and and a lot of it. A long track, almost double the length of most of the tracks that we go to. So one of our favorites of won it once before. Would love to win it again. And I just love the atmosphere there and the crowd that we get. It's really cool," said Power.

One of power's favorite things to do is cruise around the campgrounds after a session.

"I make it a point to go around to the campgrounds because I just enjoy that. I enjoy to see the fans having fun and, you know, sometimes I'll get invited in for a beer," said Power.

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The 2016 race at Road America definitely sticks out in Power's memory.

"When I was cruising around the campgrounds, I pulled up, and they were playing cornhole, and I said to them, if I get this in, I'm going to win the race on Sunday. And I got it in first try. And I went and won the race on Sunday. And I told him I'm going to do donuts, you know, because of where they were parked and I went and did donuts there," Power said.

Power says the fans show their appreciation, and he wants to do the same, because the race means a lot to those in the stands.

"I just think, these old school tracks, you get a lot of the, pure fans really have a lot of knowledge about the series. And have followed it for a long time. So they know the history as opposed to a street race where you just get a lot of people going there for the party," said Power.

Early in the season, Power has enjoyed some success. He hopes to ride it the rest of the way for a third title.

"I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. I think we'll be quick everywhere and have a shot at a win everywhere. So I am absolutely aiming to win the championship," said Power.

IndyCar comes to Wisconsin for Road America on June 9. The series will return a second time on August 31 to the Milwaukee Mile.