Quotes from Baker Mayfield’s first press conference as a Buc

Baker Mayfield was officially introduced as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer on Monday, and he had plenty to say.

Mayfield spoke to media for the first time since his signing was confirmed by the team last week, and he stressed that while he didn’t foresee his journey taking him here, he’s looking forward to the challenge that a new team will bring and that he’s excited to play with the numerous weapons that Bucs will have for him like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Russell Gage and more.

Check out some quotes from his presser below:

On why he chose Tampa Bay

“An organizaton like this that has had success, obviously for a while and in recent years as well, it was important to me to be in a place that was stable, that knows how to win, knows how to do it properly. You know, I’ve gotten to see different things from my journey. This is not exactly how I drew it up, but it’s helped along the way — especially making a decision like this. I wanna go somewhere we can win right away, and this is that place.

On his upcoming competition with Kyle Trask

“I’ve always been a big fan [of Kyle Trask]. I thought he was really talented coming out, and I’m excited for it. To me, competition brings out the best in everybody. I’ve always believed that, and that’s just true in all sports. It teaches you how to compete, teaches you how to win and lose the right way and there’s learning processes along the way. So, I think Kyle and I are going to push each other no matter what happens and I think we’re gonna make the most of it.”

On the WR room

“Any time you get to play with playmakers like that, it makes your job easier, but they’re so experienced and they’ve seen a lot as well. I’m excited to get the opprotunity to play along with them, and Russell [Gage] as well. Obviously, him sticking around was a big decision for him, so I’m just eager to get to know those guys and to work together.”

On the next step in his journey

“I’ll tell you what, it’s night and day different from this time around to last year. I was sitting at home doing rehab for my shoulder last year and not really knowing what was next… that’s why I’m really excited about being here and knowing where I’m gonna be at, what I get to dive into — playbook-wise, teammates, and getting to know everybody. I don’t know if words will really describe it correctly, but I’m excited.”

Story originally appeared on Buccaneers Wire