PITT 8 PREVIEW: Lady Bulldogs ready to repeat success at Pitt 8

Jan. 13—The Lady Dawgs are ready for a return to action.

Savanna is returning to the Pitt 8 Conference Tournament with familiar faces and a new coach at the helm.

"A good group," coach David Ivy said of his team. "They work hard."

The Lady Bulldogs have earned multiple wins this season against teams such as Colbert, Haworth, and Coalgate. They've also seen a few battles in Pitt 8 play to start the first half of the season.

"We are 2-0 in (the beginning of) the conference against Canadian and Stuart," he said, with the first loss coming against Pittsburg on Jan. 9.

Savanna has won 20 Pitt 8 Conference titles, with the last one coming in a three-peat from 2016-2018. Last season, the Lady Bulldogs earned their second-consecutive consolation title with a win over Crowder.

This year, Savanna will start its latest path in the conference tournament with a first-round game against the Demonettes — setting up a rematch.

But the thing Ivy wants to see is his team capture some momentum. They work hard, now they just need to tilt the scales a bit further.

"If we ever get it going, I think we'll be okay," he said.