Pistons GM Troy Weaver got into expletive-filled argument with heckling fan

Detroit Pistons Introduce Monty Williams Press Conference
Detroit Pistons Introduce Monty Williams Press Conference

The Pistons were about to fall to 10-53 on the season — losing at home to the Dallas Mavericks Sunday — when Detroit general manager Troy Weaver got into it with a heckling fan, dropping obscenities on said fan before pointing him out to security.

Weaver told the fan, "You're lucky I don't beat your a**" and the unidentified fan said, "You suck at your job" in the video.

Weaver did not comment on the incident after the game. The Associated Press spoke to a Pistons season ticket holder, Jeffrey Calloway, who was near the incident.

"The guy that was in the incident, with the Red Wings stuff on, came over and was pointing at the scoreboard earlier in the game," Calloway said in a telephone interview Sunday. "Troy Weaver just shrugged his shoulders and said, 'OK,' and the guy went back to his seat.

"When (Jalen) Duren got ejected (midway through the fourth quarter), the guy came back and told him that he was terrible at his job. Then, Troy Weaver was telling the fan he had to leave and that's when ushers or security walked over.”

At 10-53, and with a 28-game losing streak earlier in the season, the Pistons have the worst record in the NBA this season. This is the second consecutive season they have been at the bottom of the NBA standings. Detroit has played better of late with the emergence of Cade Cunningham and Jalen Duren.