Pistons floated as potential ‘surprise landing spot’ for DeMar DeRozan

This offseason will be full of decisions for the Chicago Bulls, and one of the biggest revolves around the impending unrestricted free agency of DeMar DeRozan. They’ll need to come to an agreement on a new deal with him if they want him back, but if they don’t, Grant Hughes of Bleacher Report believes the Detroit Pistons could be a potential “surprise landing spot.”

“Whether Detroit should go down this road at all is a separate question, and…actually, you know what? Let’s just answer it,” Hughes wrote. “The Pistons shouldn’t be in the market for 34-year-old non-spacers, no matter how productive they’ve been, with a young roster starved for shooting.

“What’s more, all that cap space would be better utilized as a means to take on bad contracts with picks attached. Adding costly veterans at this juncture would be classic step-skipping—exactly the kind of hasty thinking that gets teams mired in the dreaded middle. But one can at least understand how the brutal last half-decade might spur some rash decisions in Detroit. When you’ve been this bad for this long, mediocrity, which DeRozan has proved he can deliver, looks pretty good.”

If the Bulls truly want to focus on the future, letting DeRozan walk could be what’s best for them.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire