10 cities with the cheapest luxury hotels

Want to stay in a posh pad without paying a pretty penny? Hotels.com's Hotel Price Index ranked the cities with the cheapest five-star hotel rates, so you can put on the Ritz without putting yourself in debt.

Travel Poland Castles

Warsaw is a city of palaces and castles, surrounded by with parks, of which I am told that there are more than 30 in the city. We visit the 17th-century baroque residence of the Polish monarch, the Wilanow Palace that is nestled in lush greenery. Paintings and sculptures adorn this beautiful palace, which has changed hands several times between royalty and aristocracy, and has eventually been destroyed during the World War II before being restored again.




Lisbonne est suspendue hors du temps. On dit souvent que la ville ressemble de plus en plus aux grandes capitales d'Amérique du Sud. Il y règne une atmosphère particulière dans cette ville toujours aussi tournée vers la mer.

Une destination romantique par excellence pour y déguster les fameuses Pastel del nata pour ensuite filer sur les superbes plages de Cascais.


Highest income tax rate: 50% Average 2010 income: $52,700 Belgium’s highest tax rate of 50 percent is 5 percentage points higher than the average for Western Europe, which has the highest personal tax rates of any region globally. The highest marginal tax rate kicks in at $46,900 of income. The country’s employee social security rate is 13 percent with employer contributions at 35 percent. Municipal taxes can be up to 11 percent of income, while nonresidents pay a fixed 7 percent rate. Capital gains tax is either 16.5 percent or 33 percent, though taxpayers can get some exemptions. For expatriates, if an executive travels 25 percent of their time on business, then the top marginal tax rate can be reduced to 40 percent of income. Belgians have the highest tax and social security burden, according to a recent OECD study. In 2011, single taxpayers with an average income took home less than 45 percent of what they cost their employer. Taxpayers at higher earnings took home less than 40 percent. According to the study, the overall tax burden increased for all types of households in the country in 2011. Pictured: Grote Markt in Brussels Photo: Juergen Ritterbach | Getty Images


World's best-performing stock markets this year

Estonia OMX Tallinn 17.34%