Phillip Dorsett names most talented QB he’s ever played with, and it’s not Tom Brady

Former New England Patriots receiver Phillip Dorsett revealed who the most talented quarterback he’s ever played with, and no, the answer isn’t Tom Brady.

Dorsett spent three seasons playing with Brady, who is widely recognized as the greatest quarterback of all time. However, when appearing on “The Money Down Podcast,” the current Denver Broncos receiver claimed the most talented quarterback he’s ever played with was Andrew Luck, during his run with the Indianapolis Colts.

“I always say this to everybody. People ask me because they know I played with Tom. They was like, ‘Dang, who was the best quarterback you played with?’ I be like, ‘Be honest with you, when it comes to talent, it was Andrew Luck, for sure,'” said Dorsett. “Talent-wise, Andrew was different. He was just a natural born leader. He was still young, and the way he carried himself you would think this man was a 10-year vet.

“He was tough as hell, athletic. …Bro, when you watch him play basketball, you be like, ‘Damn, like, this man is really an all-around athlete. He had a strong arm, was smart, was accurate. It’s just injuries, bro. It’s football.”

Dorsett made it known multiple times that he was choosing Luck based on talent. So this wasn’t a situation where he was actually saying Luck was a better quarterback than Brady.

With that said, it does make you consider what Luck could have been if he wasn’t ravaged with injuries at such a young age. The four-time Pro Bowl quarterback announced his retirement back in 2019, when he was only 29 years old.

It’s one of the great unknowns that’ll never be answered.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire