Peyton Manning says Broncos are ‘very interested’ in J.J. McCarthy

Speaking with old teammate Brandon Stokley and 104.3 The Fan co-host Josh Dover on Tuesday, former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning endorsed the team’s trade for quarterback Zach Wilson.

Manning also might have given a hint about Denver’s draft plans.

Manning recalled a texting mishap he had with Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy, who thought somebody was pranking him pretending to be Manning. When McCarthy realized it was truly No. 18, the QBs connected and Manning gave some advice to the 21-year-old prospect.

After recounting that phone call with McCarthy, Manning added this: “I know Denver is very interested in him and it sounded like a place he’d love to come to but it’s a little bit out of his control.”

It’s unclear if Manning has inside information or if he’s merely referencing the many reports that the Broncos are believed to be big fans of McCarthy.

Denver is not scheduled to pick until 12th overall in the first round and McCarthy is not expected to fall that far. If the Broncos want to land the Michigan quarterback, they will likely need to trade up. Denver coach Sean Payton has said moving up is a realistic option.

Whether all the buzz was genuine or just a smokescreen remains to be seen, but Manning added fuel to the fire just before the draft.

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