Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce accept UFC fighter Julian Marquez's pickleball challenge

MMA fighter Julian Marquez wanted to take on Chiefs players after his win at UFC Fight Night on Saturday. But not in a fight or a football game. In a game of pickleball or badminton.

Marquez, a Kansas City native, challenged Chiefs stars Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce to a game on a court after his second-round submission of Sam Alvey on Saturday afternoon.

“I am the entertainment you paid to see, but ABC gave it to you for free,” Marquez said after the fight on ABC. “So now I have a callout to give out to everyone from Kansas City. You guys know I’m the baddest man from Kansas City. The baddest middleweight in Missouri and this is one thing — it’s my time right now."

“So Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, I challenge you guys to a badminton or pickleball competition straight up, if you guys want to see who the pound-for-pound champ is in Kansas City. This magnificent beard tops all of what you guys have to bring.”

The fun challenge immediately got the attention of the Chiefs players. And they all accepted.

The popular Kansas City restaurant that Kelce named in his tweet is a bar that has multiple pickleball courts. So we're guessing that pickleball will be the game of choice whenever they all meet up. Kelce and Mahomes were at the Masters this weekend.

Marquez is getting good with the callouts

Marquez has a knack for fighting. And getting people to pay attention to what he says after fights. He got Miley Cyrus' attention on Valentine's Day after he asked her if she would be his Valentine.

She responded and said he had to make a grooming decision.

Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Hopefully this pickleball game does, though with Mahomes still recovering from offseason surgery on a toe injury he sustained in the playoffs, we're guessing the Chiefs will want him to be pretty stationary.

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