Panthers, Patriots are underdogs in every game

The Panthers and Patriots will be at the bottom of the NFL this season, if the betting lines are to be believed.

After the 2024 NFL schedule was released, betting lines appeared for every game, and Carolina and New England have something in common: They're underdogs in all 17 of their games.

The Patriots are underdogs by as much as 11.5 points, which is the line in their road game against the 49ers. The closest line they have comes at home against the Colts, when the Patriots are 2-point underdogs.

The Panthers' point spreads are a little closer: The games in which they're the biggest underdogs are at home against the Chiefs and on the road against the Eagles, when Carolina is a 7-point dog in both games. And the Panthers are 1-point underdogs in three different games, at home against the Saints, Cardinals and Giants.

Both teams are likely to find a win somewhere — an 0-17 team is always unlikely. But it's hard to point to any team you'd feel confident saying either the Patriots or Panthers will win.