Panthers 3rd-round pick Trevin Wallace has a scary definition for ‘dawg mentality’

“Dawg mentality” has probably been the most popular buzz term for the Carolina Panthers this offseason. So, what it does mean to their latest draft pick?

President of football operations/general manager/dawg hunter Dan Morgan wrapped up a busy Day 2 by selecting University of Kentucky linebacker Trevin Wallace at the draft’s 72nd overall spot. And if you’re not familiar with his game, he provided quite a rundown when speaking to reporters after the big announcement.

“I got a little swag to my game,” Wallace said. “I feel like with my game, like I said ‘swag,’ I’m determined to get to the ball carrier. Like, no matter what it is. If the play go on for like 12 seconds, I’m still determined to get the ball carrier. So I’m real determined as well, too.”

That description showed in Wallace’s play, particularly during his final season for the Wildcats. The athletic 6-foot-1, 237-pounder totaled 80 tackles (8.5 for a loss) with 5.5 sacks, an interception and a forced fumble.

Wallace, clearly a dawg, was then asked what dawg mentality means to him.

“So dawg mentality to me, it might sound crazy, dawg mentality to me is you don’t care if you go out there and hurt somebody. It’s part of the game. You go in there and hurt somebody, you be like, ‘I did this and I’ma do it again.’ That’s what dawg mentality is. You don’t go in there being soft. You go in there like, ‘I’ma hurt you every play. I want you to be scared of me.'”


Well, at least we know he’s got some bite.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire