Oregon player apologizes for tripping Seton Hall player during game

Oregon's Lok Wur apologized for tripping Seton Hall's Myles Powell during a game on Wednesday. (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)

Oregon freshman basketball player Lok Wur has publicly apologized for tripping Seton Hall’s Myles Powell during Wednesday night’s game.

"I want to apologize to Myles Powell and the Seton Hall team for my actions on the bench Wednesday night," Wur said in a statement Thursday, via ESPN. "I acted in an unsportsmanlike manner. I am truly sorry for that and regret my actions."

The trip happened in the first half of the game. Powell was on the court, getting ready to jog to the other side. Wur was on the bench, right behind him. As Powell started to move, Wur stuck out his right foot, causing Powell to trip.

Powell didn’t fall down and didn’t appear to be hurt from the trip. At the end of the game Powell did sit on the ground at midcourt and looked to be injured, but coach Kevin Willard told ESPN that it was just a cramp.

Wur didn’t play and spent the game on the bench. Powell, with 32 points over 36 minutes of playing time, was Seton Hall’s top scorer.

Seton Hall had the lead for the majority of the game, and held a 16-point advantage over Oregon with 13:49 to go in the second half. But that’s when Oregon began to climb back. They’d cut the lead to 6 points with 9 minutes left, and had tied the score with one minute left. A two-pointer with 18 seconds left secured Oregon’s 71-69 come-from-behind victory.

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