Opinion: 'Forget what's at stake, make play-offs special'

Fan's voice

Susannah George

Where were you when?

How many times do we do this to each other and ask this question? For Norwich City fans, the majority of us will be able to recall almost instantaneously where we were for the May 2015 play-off final at Wembley, the second leg of the playoffs against 1p5wich, the victory against Man City, the Cup game where we beat Spurs on penalties, even where we were when we beat Bayern Munich.

Not only will we be able to recall where we were but probably exactly who we were with, what we ate that day, what we were wearing and maybe even the after effects of heavy celebration.

Those games are up there, certainly for me (insofar as I was around) as some of our finest. All remembered fondly as moments of pure jubilation I spent with some of my nearest. And I'm sure there are countless others.

The same cannot be said for some of our losses. Unless it formed part of a day out with someone close to me, I cannot remember when we went out of 'x' cup run having lost to 'y', or the last game of the season where we finished mid-table/relegation, certainly not with the same clarity anyway.

As we go into play-offs we all know the potential outcomes, I am sure we have all run the various scenarios in our heads. Of course there are mixed emotions but we shouldn't let that get in the way of enjoying a journey that one day we could be looking back at with the same fondness as some of our finest moments.

Let's make sure we enjoy this journey, which we, all of us, the team, the club and supporters, have earned!

Let's ensure we share it with our friends and our families.

Let's build core memories that, whatever the outcome, we will be glad of.

Because who knows?

We have a 1 in 4 chance for this to be something epic which we and maybe even future generations will look to as a benchmark one day.

Let's make it special!

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