Olympic figure skaters with and without competition makeup

The world of figure skating and ice dancing stresses showmanship and so it’s common for female skaters to take the ice with heavy competition makeup. But we think Olympic skaters are just as beautiful off the ice and fresh-faced. Here’s how stunning the athletes in PyeongChang look before they take the ice in their competition makeup.

<p>Finnish figure skater </p>
Emmi Peltonen

Finnish figure skater

<p>Australian figure skater </p>
Kailani Craine

Australian figure skater

<p>Russian figure skater </p>
Evgenia Medvedev

Russian figure skater

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<p>Canadian figure skater </p>
Gabrielle Daleman

Canadian figure skater

<p>Spanish ice dancer </p>
Sara Hurtado

Spanish ice dancer

<p>Canadian ice dancer </p>
Tessa Virtue

Canadian ice dancer

<p>American pair skater </p>
Madison Hubbell

American pair skater

<p>South Korean ice dancer </p>
Yura Min

South Korean ice dancer

<p>American pair skater </p>
Alexa Knierim

American pair skater

<p>American ice dancer </p>
Madison Chock

American ice dancer

<p>German ice dancer </p>
Kavita Lorenz

German ice dancer

<p>Canadian pair skater </p>
Kirsten Moore-Towers

Canadian pair skater

<p>Brazilian figure skater </p>
Isadora Williams

Brazilian figure skater

<p>Canadian ice dancer </p>
Piper Gilles

Canadian ice dancer

<p>French ice dancer </p>
Marie-Jade Lauriault

French ice dancer

<p>French ice dancer </p>
Gabriella Papadakis

French ice dancer

<p>Russian pair skater </p>
Kristina Astakhova

Russian pair skater

<p>American figure skater </p>
Karen Chen

American figure skater

<p>German pair skater </p>
Aljona Savchenko

German pair skater

<p>Czech pair skater </p>
Anna Duskova

Czech pair skater

<p>British ice dancer </p>
Penny Coomes

British ice dancer

<p>German ice dancer Kaitlyn Weaver </p>
Kavita Lorenz

German ice dancer Kaitlyn Weaver

<p>Russian ice dancer </p>
Ekaterina Bobrova

Russian ice dancer

<p>Italian pairs skaters </p>
Valentina Marchei

Italian pairs skaters

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