How Odell Beckham Jr. can earn an extra $5.85 million from Dolphins

If Odell Beckham Jr. can stay healthy, and carves out a substantial role in the Miami Dolphins offense, he will be handsomely rewarded in 2024.

If the former Pro Bowl receiver, whom the Dolphins added a week after the draft with a one-year contract that features a $3 million base salary and is heavy on incentives, catches 55 passes for 800 yards and scores six touchdowns he will make a total of $8.8 million from this season.

Based on the details of Beckham’s contract, which were disclosed to the Miami Herald, the 10-year veteran has multitiered bonuses that center on how many receiving yards, receptions, and touchdowns he scores in 2024.

If Beckham catches 36 passes in 2024 he will receive $400,000. If his reception total gets to 45 catches, he wull get another $800,000. If the 31-year-old receiver catches 55 passes he will receive an additional $1 million. So the magic number for Beckham receptions is 55, which will deliver an additional $2.2 million in bonuses.

The former LSU standout has a similar tier system for receiving yards. He will receive a $400,000 bonus if he contributes 566 receiving yards. If he passes the 650-yard threshold he will receive another $800,000. And if Beckham gets to 800 receiving yards he will pocket an additional $1 million.

So the magic number for Beckham receiving yards is 800, which would net him another $2.2 million in bonuses.

Beckham also has a $400,000 bonus that’s triggered if he scores four touchdowns in 2024, and he will get another $450,000 if he scores two more times, bringing his touchdown total to six on the season.

That means if the often-injured receiver can stay healthy and is heavily involved in Mike McDaniel’s offense, he has the potential to earn an additional $5.85 million.

Beckham caught 35 passes for 565 yards and scored three touchdowns in the 14 games he played for the Baltimore Ravens last season, where he was primarily used as Baltimore’s third receiver.

Two seasons before that he caught 44 passes and turned them into 537 yards and five touchdowns in the 14 games he played for the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams, but sustained an ACL injury in the Rams’ Super Bowl win and was forced to sit out the 2022 season.

Cedrick Wilson Jr. caught 22 passes for 296 yards and scored three touchdowns as Miami’s No. 3 receiver in 2023 before leaving for the New Orleans Saints as a free agent.