When O.J. Simpson got paroled, Kato Kaelin was mad on Twitter about baseball

The Juice, as they say, is loose. O.J. Simpson was granted parole Thursday in Nevada, meaning he’ll be free by October. Around the time the verdict came down, Kato Kaelin was angry on Twitter.

But it had nothing to do with O.J. and everything to do with the Milwaukee Brewers. Seriously.

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You remember Kato, right? The houseguest who turned into one of the cast of characters America grew to know on a first-name basis throughout the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Kaelin was a witness back then. These days, he’s just a witness to a baseball team that’s free-falling out of first place.

The Brewers — from Kaelin’s hometown of Milwaukee — lost a Thursday matinee 4-2 to the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was the Brewers’ fifth straight loss and it dropped their lead atop the NL Central to one game. Kaelin, like every Brewers fan, wasn’t too happy about this development.

And that’s nothing compared to the Twitter rant Kaelin went on Wednesday night when the Brewers lost. He sent eight tweets in an hour including these gems:

We’ve seen a lot of baseball fans get mad online in our day but “We R PUKEPUKE” is a new one. Congrats, Kato.

And, hey, let’s all admit that if you’re Kato Kaelin, getting mad about your favorite baseball team is way better than getting caught up in another O.J. drama.

O.J. Simpson at his parole hearing Thursday and Kato Kaelin circa 1995. (AP)
O.J. Simpson at his parole hearing Thursday and Kato Kaelin circa 1995. (AP)

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