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WARNING: If you love Troy Polamalu(notes) and/or his hair, you may find the following content disturbing.


Except that, no, actually, I don't think that's possible. I happen to know a little bit about head shaving, and I know that you don't just sink a pair of clippers into a giant headbush like Troy Polamalu's, and in an instant, have a patch of clean skin. It doesn't work like that.

Also, I doubt there's anyone in a position to get that close to Troy Polamalu who would also be jerk enough to do that to him. This guy's hair has landed him an endorsement deal with Head and Shoulders, and is insured for $1 million. And I haven't heard any news stories about anyone showing up at an emergency room with a pair of clippers shoved in his ear.

My guess is that this is some company's attempt at going viral. It's a pretty good one, too. Troy is super convincing.

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