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What's the only thing missing from Tim Tebow(notes) mania? A tribute music video featuring a Nicki Minaj wanna-be, two guys in sunglasses stiltedly rapping, Rebecca Black-like production values, Josh McDaniels disses and lines like "he's always in the air, but he never flies coach," of course.

Every now and then I'll jump on a radio show and the host will ask about Tim Tebow. Usually never at a loss for anything to say, I freeze whenever St. Timothy of Denver comes up in conversation. What can possibly be said about the guy that Merril Hoge hasn't said 45 times today on ESPN? It's undefinable.

Yet this video sums up Tebowmania perfectly. I've watched it twice and still can't figure out whether it's 100 percent serious, 100 percent parody or somewhere in between.

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