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¬†Ochocinco’s bull ride not impressive, but action for charity is

Following Chad Ochocinco's(notes) ride on the bull "Deja Blu" on Saturday night, the score should have read:

Deja Blu 1, Ochocinco 0.

After accepting a challenge from Sean Gleason, the CEO of the Professional Bull Riders, the loquacious Cincinnati Bengals wideout headed down to Duluth, Ga., for the Lucas Oil Invitational to ride the beast.

Per Gleason's offer, Ochocinco received $10,000 for simply showing up and getting on the 1,500-pound bull. Had he stayed on the bucking bull for eight seconds, Ochocinco would have added a new Ford F-150 pickup truck to his home garage. Ochocinco would also have been allowed to rename the bull any way he liked, and was making noises about naming the bull after Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis ("Why not name the bull Marvin Lewis, everything he says about me is #Bull[expletive] anyway," Ocho said on his Twitter account), but alas … it was not to be.

Although, according to a tweet from Senor Ochocinco, he wound up with the truck anyway. After pledging to give the $10,000 he won to Feed the Children, several sponsors stepped up, including Ford, which will give that F-150 away in an upcoming contest among Ocho's Twitter followers.

"After watching Chad go through the two-day process, the fact that he got on the back of Deja Blu was impressive," Gleason said after the event. "Following such an inspired effort, the PBR and Ford decided to back up his promise to award the truck."

Ochocinco’s bull ride not impressive, but action for charity is

"I feel good. It was fun," the unhurt Ochocinco said after he dusted himself off. "I can cross riding a bull off my bucket list. This sport doesn't get enough credit. The guys who do this week in and week out deserve the utmost respect. They should be the highest-paid athletes in sports."

It's a valid point. Dealing with Haloti Hgata is one thing, but Deja Blu might be as unblockable as Ndamukong Suh(notes).

As for Ocho, he's now crossed professional soccer and bullriding off his list. Surely, the Bengals hope the locked-out receiver will try something a bit less dangerous next time he gets the itch to try a new pastime.

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