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The last head coach of the Chiefs was a really nice guy, and that didn't always work out so well for the Chiefs. The new guy, Todd Haley, evidently isn't going to be so friendly. Wide receiver Devard Darling found out the hard way.

The Chiefs were practicing the victory formation -- the set where a quarterback takes the snap and immediately goes to one knee in order to run the clock out -- and Darling took the field and lined up in the wrong place.

Haley threw him right out of practice. From Adam Teicher of

“Run to the building for all I care — and stay there,” Haley yelled at Darling, who complied.

Darling later tried to return, but Haley wouldn’t allow that.

“Take it in (to the locker room),” Haley said, pointing in that direction.

Now, the first thing a cynic might wonder is, "What possible use would the Chiefs have for the victory formation?" And sympathetic types might think, "Come on, it's Devard Darling(notes). He doesn't have any experience with the victory formation!"

Todd Haley does not give a damn. It sounds like he'll be running a pretty tight ship in Kansas City's camp. It certainly can't hurt.

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